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Who we are

What lies behind the softness of a fabric, the brilliance of the color or the uniqueness of a manufacture ... Is it really possible to draw up endless variations along the line that makes up a fine cloth?

It is where all this is born that the quality of the raw material joins human intuition, creativity read in its comprehensive meaning. Standing out, having the courage to take risks and to build the foundations for the future of the spinning. All this is Franzoni Filati, today Futura Filati.

The beginning

The company was founded in the early 60's by 5 brothers already committed in a carpentry; at first in weaving and then in cotton spinning the company quickly became a reference point in textile.

But the nineties are the turning point:  the look to the future, the pursuit of innovation took the Franzoni family to bet on a new technology: "the compact yarn". The creation of a new concept of yarn that combines high performance and aesthetics, which allows the Futura® trademark to be for years the reference point for the major market players; Franzoni is able to lead them into the latest business trends. The new yarn offers many advantages along the textile process, with a view to the research and to the future.

The company keyword is “innovation”

This is the operational focus applied in every phase of design and production of the yarns.  Futura Filati, in fact, a company of the Franzoni group, continues today with the heirs of the founders on the path taken by its leaders in the search for every new solution in customer service, aiming to maintain and consolidate the position of leader in the sector, offering from traditional or compact yarns to the development of products with cellulosic and synthetic fibers, wool, cashmere, silk etc. or to mélange yarns, with the possibility of declining any project development in the various technologies: slub or multicount, stretch and even Sirospun.

In the production unit in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in a cutting-edge location also in terms of logistics, and thanks to the choice made in 2006 with the first mill, in 2013 Futura Filati financed a new mill in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of the market.

Since 2014, the opening of Dubicotton 2 production unit, adjacent to the pre-existing mill Dubicotton, besides doubling the production capacities, increased Futura Filati’s versatility to the market, with the addition of mixing and preparation lines, which allow the production of yarns “made to order” on the customers’ needs.

Our motto

Fashion changes, but style endures.

Coco Chanel

Production unit

The production unit of  Futura Filati is located in Bosnia Herzegovina, in the town of Dubica, near to the Croatian border:

There, out of a fully refurbished existing textile mill, Dubicotton was born: a spinning mill with 27.000 ring spindles, 240 AirJet and 288 Open-end spindle heads, where, in addition to cotton - traditional and compact - yarns, flamed yarns and elastic yarns, mélange yarns with several kind of blended fibers are produced, including production in Siropun technology.

In 2014, near to the existing mill, comes a new unit from scratch: Dubicotton 2, adding 13.000 ring spindles both traditional and compact, expanding the production capacity of Dubicotton.

Currently in both units are employed 370 peoples, managed from Italian expert technicians. Production runs 24 hours per day for 329 days per year.

Versatility is the focus of this production unit where, in addition to the 4 lines of production of raw cotton, there are 3 lines for the preparation for mélange yarns and other 8 lines for the preparation of cellulosic and blended fibers (wool, silk, polyester, ecc.); there are also 2 experimental lines: one for the development of new mélange yarn and the other for raw yarns.

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